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Battle for Mordor (Athosia)
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Battle for Mordor, also known as Athosia, is a free-to-play browser-based Fantasy MMORPG where you are able to have 4 unique races to choose from – Human — A higher percentage of hits, Elf — higher dodge rate, Troll — higher magic damage, Orc — higher general attack.

Battle for Mordor is developed and published by Guangzhou-based game startup U2U Entertainment founded in 2009. The compnay is privately funded aiming at global browser-based mmorpg market.

Battle for Mordor has followed the typical business model of MMOs, in where players could have free access to the game, and purchase the ingame virtual currency by which players go to shop to buy the value-added items.

During the course of the game players have to do quests within the various parts of the world, seeking clues to their own and that will help them defeat their enemies and gain prestige and power within the ancient country.

Since battling for the project, battle for Mordor, namely Athosia,has been given top priority and the team is banging away at such game day and night.

In Battle for Mordor, you, of course, role play as a magical character to seek magical power from Disciple of God – Unicorn, along the way you will encounter bloody monsters and untold difficulties.

According to the official website, the Beta version of Battle for Mordor is going to be launched in the beginning of November. However, the game’s release date seems near at hand thanks to its fast and efficient working.

Thus far, the team has announced 6 features:
1, No installation and download required, yet free to play forever. It means you need to buy ingame items to boost your journey.

2. Global community
Battle for Mordor has intensely graphical pictures and characters.

3. Extensive and elaborate storyline
Battle for mordor tells an epic story by which you pick up the quest and explore and conquer the world

4. Animated Fighting Scenes
PVP and PVE system allows you have more options to battle and fight

5. Chapter quest system
Helpful ingame newbie guide system and quest system

6. Pet system
Lovely pets allows you have a pet with higher attributes and stats.

1 Comment on Battle for Mordor (Athosia)


  1. Zoe says:

    well, guys, I do enjoy it, and I heard that there are presents packs for newbie players, cooooooooooooooooooooooooool~



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