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Dream World
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Dream World is a rich multiplayer universe, an online role playing game (RPG) originally developed and played by thousands of players between 2002 and 2004. It has now been redesigned and adapted to be a social game for FaceBook and other networks.

Unlike majority of RPGs you find on FaceBook and other social networks, Dream World is a much deeper experience similar to traditional RPGs, but simple designs and short tutorials that will allow any computer user to learn and play. Your main goal in the game is to save the Dream World from its ultimate destruction, and become stronger and well respected in the process.

Character Your character is the main hero of the story. While you start the game in a small village by the lake, your quest will eventually take you to many other towns and cities and explore many different dungeons and wilderness.

Hit Point (HP)
Determines how much damage you can take in combat before you are defeated. The maximum amount is equivalent to twice your constitution multiplied by your level.

Level (Lv) and Experience (Exp)
All characters starts on level 1 with 0% experience. When characters earn enough experience through various actions, they will gain a new level, where they will receive more hit points and learning points, as well as having energy and skill point refilled.

This is the monetary unit used in Dream World, you earn coins through encounters and defeating opponents, solving quests and puzzles.

This is a measure of how much energy your character has. If your energy reach zero, you must either refill it or wait and play later while it will regenerate over time.

Skill Points
These are required for use skills in tough combat. See the Skills section for details.

Attack and Defense
Attack determine the rough amount of damage you will deal on regular weapon attacks, assuming your opponent does not have armor. This value is affected by the base damage of the weapon you are using and the your attribute value associated with that type of weapon. Defense is rough percent of damage you will absorb from opponent’s attacks. This is determined by the base protection of your armor and your quickness attribute.

Your primary attributes (Strength, Constitution, Intelligence, Dexterity, Quickness) will affect your performance in the game. They can be increased by visiting the local trainer. Attributes can also be increased through unlock puzzle boxes during exploration or by purchasing surgeries at the local healer.

Learning Points
You will earn learning points each time you reach a new level; amount earned is equal to the level. You should use them to train your primary weapon skill in the beginning, but when you get to higher levels, you can use them to increase your attributes or train a secondary weapon skill.

Gems are used to trade favors with the Guardian and buy premium items and premium allies that would not be otherwise available. You start out with some gems which will be enough to purchase offerings. You can also show support for our developers by purchasing them. Click on the “Guardian” menubar for more details.

Inventory, Equipments, Bank
You can wield one weapon and wear one set of armor, and carry up to 5 more items with during your adventure and travels. Inventory space is useful for storing second weapon for dual classes or some potions and fairy dusts for tough battles. You can also access a free bank account, used to store your coins for a fee, under the inventory menu.

The Dream World The Dream World consists several villages, towns, cities, and their surrounding areas. Each area provides it’s own sets of offerings for adventurers.

Clinics and Healers
This is the place you want to visit when you get hurt or want to buy some potions. They also offer surgeries such as stitches and attribute augmentation services.

Leader Area
Each leaders govern the towns and cities of Dream World, and will be the main contact points for your main story quests. .

Each town has an armor and a weapon shop. Be sure to keep your equipment updated when you level up, or fights will become difficult. Each shop will also have a special selection that is updated every few minutes with a new item.

This is where you can train and hone your skills using your learning points. You can unlock new skills and classes when you train your weapon skills here. They also offer to train and increase your primary attributes if you have enough learning points.

Wilderness / Dungeons
Beside every town and city, there are wildernesses that you can explore and gain experience, coins, and also find solutions to your quests.

Traveling to a new town is only available if you are experienced enough for that area.

Skills, Classes, and Training There are three types of weapon skills in Dream World. Characters learn these skills through training. You might unlock skills if your meet the intelligence attribute requirement. You can also unlock new professions as well by raising weapon skills.

Most of skills are either offensive skills that will do extra damage or recovery skills that will heal your character. The damage for sword and gun offensive skill will be based on the level of the skill and your attack rating. Just like normal sword and gun attacks, your average damage range will be higher if your skill level is closer to your character level. The damage and heal amount of magic skill is based on the level of the skill, your character’s level, and your intelligence and dexterity attributes.

Special Skills
Each skill type has an special skill. There is “guard” skill for sword users, which increase chances of blocking. The “aim” gun skill will make sure you do not miss and increase critical hit rate. The “shield” magic skill will reduce amount of damage you will receive in combat. These special skills are useful for long combats such as boss or arena fights.

You can view and change your class by clicking on the “classes” tab in the “character” menu. Each class will have set of bonuses associated with them. The higher the requirement to unlock a class, the more benefit it will have.

Quests and Badges Quests are an important part of the game. You must complete main quests in order to move to new areas and beat the game. There are optional side-quests that will offer good rewards if you choose to take them. And there are chance quests found in dungeons that will help you progress through the levels. Click on the “quest” menu to see your quest progress at any time.

There over a dozen badges you can earn in the game. A list is available in the “badge” tab of the “quest” menu. They are symbols of your accomplishment. Each badge you unlock will grant you additional max energy you can store.

Puzzles and Encounters While you explore the wilderness you can come across various types of encounters and puzzles.

Monsters and Villains
Dungeons and wilderness are filled with vicious animals, monsters, and evil villains that will try to stop you. Fight them to earn coins and experience.

Puzzlebox and Treasure Chests
There are many different puzzle boxes and treasure chests that you will find during your adventuring that will require solving a puzzle or answering a question before you can open them.

There are a couple of NPC questers also in the wilderness and dungeons, they are likely to offer you a quest if you come across them. If you have a quest from a quester not completed, you won’t run into that quester until you complete the quest or remove it.

You can find special allies that can join you in your quests. They earn the experience from fights. They have special skills that can be unlocked as well when they reach certain level. Allies have a happiness rating that affects their performance as well that will decrease when you run away from the battle or do not log back in more than 24 hours. You can however, easily increase their happiness back to 100% by bonding with them by visiting the “Ally” tab in the “Character” menu

Special encounters
There are many other special encounters and NPCs you will come across in your adventure. Make sure you try them all.

Boss Encounter
When you have reached a level stronger than the last area of a wilderness or dungeon, an “seek” option will open show up for you to challenge the boss of the area.

Enraged Mobs
Sometimes a mob can become enraged after being attacked. This will cause them to deal twice amount of damage then they normally would have. It’s a good idea to kill them as fast as possible when they are enraged so you do not take too much damage.

Special Characters, Elite mobs, and Super Elite mobs
When fighting Special Characters and Elite mobs, their names are highlighted either in red (difficult) or purple (very difficult).

* Elite (red) mobs have 50% more health and do 50% more damage than in their normal form, but give 200% amount of normal experience and coins when defeated.
* Super Elite (purple) mobs have 100% more health and do 100% more damage than in their normal form, and rewards 400% amount of experience and coins when defeated.
* Special Characters are dangerous due to their skills, but give good reward after defeated.
* All special and elite mobs can block normal attacks after certain point. (use skills)
* Remember, running away is always an option.

Player Interaction You can interact with other players through many ways in the game. However, you are not allowed to use offensive language or harass other players in any manner.

Guild System
A player may apply to be a member of an existing guild, or once they reached a higher level and earned enough coins, they can create their own guild. To encourage more guilds and competition, each guild can only have maximum of 20 members and 20 applicants.

Guild provides more social interaction with other players and provide many benefits, including shared a guild storage, as well as fight experience and maximum skill point increases when their guild reaches a higher level.

View their profiles
You click on another players picture in the ranking page or attacked status to visit their dream. See their stats, skills, attributes and what equipment they are using.

Challenge players in the Arena
Once you reach level 4, you can choose to challenge other players in the Arena that will be controlled by AI. Fighting another player can be very challenging as they will be using many offensive skills to defend themselves. To offset this, the AI controlled player will not no use healing or special skills or items or fight with their allies. Use this to your advantage. Amount of coins and experience earned from player versus player (PvP) fights will be much higher than normal encounters.

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