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Forsakia – The Lost Clans
  • Release Date:  2010/8
  • Publisher:  alaplaya
  • Genre:  Fantasy
  • Rating :

Are you ready for a whole new MMOG experience?

Alaplaya’s all new free 2 play experience: high quality graphics in a beautiful fantasy world with all features you love from client MMOGs – monster fights, PVP, Pets, Housing, Crafting and much more.

Best of all you can access all this from everywhere in the world. All you need is a browser and an Internet connection.

Starting summer 2010, forsakia the lost clans will redefine everything

The game is set in the mystical world of jianghu,which was once ruled by powerful clans. However during a vicious strike a mysterious assassin killed leaders of all clans, throwing the world into chaos. Take upon the role of one of six warriors and fight your way through the chaos.

The vast world of Forsakia – The lost clans with all its amazing features needs no client and no download. The game will be easily accessible from every modern browser that has the newest flash plug-in installed. So no matter where you are and how good the computer you use – you can always enjoy the game

In Accordance with alaplaya’s policy of offering all games for free, Forsakia – The lost Clans will also be absolutely free of charge. No Monthly subscription costs, no download costs.While Forsakia – the lost Clans will be offering Premium itemsthat will be available for purchase with the virtual currency AP.

Despite being a browser game, forsakia – the lost clans offers many features you already know from client-based MMOGs. Don’t feel like increasing your experience by battling various monsters? Challenge your fellow players in exciting PVP matches! Train your own pet to help you in monster and PVP battles or get your own mount to carry you around the vast world. GATHER materials from various resources all over the game world and use them to craft new items. Build your own house to show off your wealth to your friends and fellow players.

The Munich Games Publisher Burda: ic published this fall is another RPG. Forsakia: The Lost Clans from Asian developers Gamebro will be released in Europe including Russia and Turkey, and in the U.S., Canada and Mexico on the gaming platform alaplaya. The role-playable in the browser adds Burda: ic’s own portfolio add another important title.

You’re now required to return to the world the hope in which you provide it with the powers of darkness, monsters against you worth as a hero. You create your character from one of six classes and do not rush on an exciting journey into a mysterious world.

Player vs. Player (PvP), a Pet System, different professions, a guild system, even their own houses, you can create it yourself, and more will round out the title.

Latest Updates on Forsakia – The Lost Clans wallpapers and screenshots, which include weapons, characters and some interesting heroes.

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