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Kingdom-Russian Browser-based MMORPG
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Kingdom is one of the most popular Russian browser MMORPGs where you experience unusual adventures.

Once The united Kingdom of the people and the elves had disintegrated with the death of the last legitimate monarch. His funeral is in cathedrals, where the greedy nobles began to divide the power. Council of the nobility, who represented the interests of the people and the circle of the Ancients, which included elders of the elven birth, have nominated their candidates for the throne. Neither they nor the other have sufficient influence to prevail in the political struggle, and finally the other side resorted to betrayal, magic and swords.

Along with thousands of other players you will join this struggle to unravel the secrets of fairy world and possibly to take the vacant throne.

Races and classes


By registering, you will have to choose one of the warring parties and join the battle for the throne. Also, you can choose one of the combat classes, each of which possesses unique magical powers and skills.

Armor and elixirs


In battle, you will be equipped with good weapons and all kinds of martial elixirs, potions, and scrolls. You can get Elite armor and scrolls of spells by fighting in the arenas or killing the monsters on the instructions of local residents.



Fighting in the Kingdom take place in real time. The main feature of this browser-based game is that you can see the character on screen, his arms and armor, to control the movements of the hero during the battle, which gives hundreds of battle tactics with the enemy.

Fighting in the Kingdom can be with anyone, anywhere:

of your choice – the tournament arena for group fights, the mysterious dungeons (instances), infesting most evil monsters, or the boundless land, opening up outside the walls of cities. Leaving the city limits, you can fight like wild beasts, and with players of the opposite race.



The territory inhabited by hundreds of residents of the Kingdom (the characters, computer-controlled). They want to help this hero (yes, such as you!). In carrying out their assignments, you will plunge into a fascinating plot, and ultimately – to change the destiny of the Kingdom!



World of the Kingdom is populated by dozens of magical creatures , you probably do not even guess. Among them are harmless animals, and nightmarish creatures, and they are always ready to eat newly made hero. Be vigilant and do not turn your back on them!

Lost Lands


The most distant and dangerous corners of the Kingdom called the Lost Lands. Residents left them, and for many years it hosted the wild beasts, robbers and monsters. Lost Lands hold many secrets, but the journey there mortally dangerous, so few people dare to go alone.


Only a trained team is able to penetrate into the heart of the Lost Lands and bring to the surface of the heavy trunks of ancient treasures.

Like other browser games, “Kingdom” does not need to install. Therefore, becoming a full-fledged resident of tiles, you can immediately¬† start out on the amazing fairy tale world!

2 Comments on Kingdom-Russian Browser-based MMORPG


  1. AznAngelz says:

    Awesome game, but wish it was in english!!!

  2. Matija says:

    Me too!



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