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Tootsville Ever Fun Virtual World for Kids
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Explore the many cool virtual worlds for kids in Tootsville™. Let your imagination run wild as you play tooterific online interactive games and chat with tootastic friends. Join the fun and adventures that await you in Virtual world Tootsville™ — and don’t forget to Make some Noise! So let the adventure begin and Play Now!

Try Dotties fun crafts.


Dottie is ready to show you some Tootastic craft ideas.

yellow spiral for crafts page Sparkle Fabulous Mirror
yellow spiral for crafts page Seaside Frame
yellow spiral for crafts page Peace and Love Frame
yellow spiral for crafts page Harmonious Paperweights


Toots® audio books are fun for all ages. Each audio book is based on different Toots® and their interaction with the many virtual worlds throughout Tootsville. The audio books are expertly performed and set to fun, detailed music and sound effects! So select an audio book and let us take you on an adventure of a lifetime.


Katootels Magic Eggs

Katootels have been known to lay magic eggs throughout the many worlds in Tootsville. Should you come accross one walk up to it and you will get a very nice surprise. Each egg gives peanuts but only to the first Toot to find it…so happy hunting!
katootel running
katootel eggs

Why Toots® are only the most incredible cast of characters in the entire Tootiverse! One day a long time ago an ordinary herd of elephants were magically transformed by the Mists of Tootanga. After being transformed, the herd of Toots® discovered the very first wishing well, which was the source of the beautiful mist. All the Toots® agreed that they would wish the most amazing world into existence, and so Tootsville was born. Over the years the Toots® have wished for Tooterific games to play, Tootally cool worlds to explore and Tootastic friends to chat with. Now the Toots® greatest wish is that you will join them in Tootsville!

Virtual World For Kids

Tootsville’s amazing Tootiverse is growing everyday! More and more virtual worlds are being wished into existence by the Toots®. Tootsville’s virtual worlds for kids are highly interactive and each holds many tootally cool surprises. As Tootsville’s virtual community grows, kids around the world will be able to explore these new virtual worlds together.

Toot’s virtual worlds for kids are designed to be highly interactive. Each virtual world is themed with it’s own unique storyline. Children can explore under the sea in Tootlantis,
or soar into space to visit Moonbase T! In a universe built on wishes there is no telling where the next virtual world will pop up. So let the adventure begin and Play Now!

For Parents
Parent’s…Welcome to Tootsville a safe, educational, online, virtual community where your child’s Toot comes to life. We encourage you to be a part of all that Tootsville has to offer. Please join your child and their Toot because next stop is Toots® Square!

The center of it all, Toots® Square offers top of the line shopping and style, classic dining, gourmet sweets, an enchanted bridge that transports your child and Toot to their virtual home and THE premier travel agency, this side of the enchanted mist, TootTravel. Known for its worldly connections as well as some out of this world, TootTravel offers your child and their Toot the Tooterrific opportunity to journey abroad and explore magical destinations.

Located throughout Tootsville and the top travel destinations are tons of exciting games for your child and Toot to explore and play. Games offer your child and their Toot the opportunity to earn peanuts, which is Tootsville’s virtual currency. The more peanuts your child’s Toot collects, the more tootally cool stuff they can purchase, for their Toot, from the enormous TootsMall.

Tootsville is a virtual community that continues to grow. With a positive focus on building new friendships, Tootsville is a healthy environment where your child can improve their social skills. To safeguard users and maintain a secure outlet to communicate, moderators are on hand to assist your child in each Toot Zone.

There is so much to do and even more to see in Tootsville. So raise your trunks and make some noise, Toots® are fun for girls and boys!

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15 Comments on Tootsville Ever Fun Virtual World for Kids


  1. amynous says:

    Hey! what’s louises password?

  2. rick says:

    louises pass is TOOTSVILEPENUTS

  3. sprocket07 says:

    What’s his username?

  4. fgrwhu
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0
    a b c d e f g h i j

    2 1 4 7 5

    your sincearly,

    james hollis

  5. louise says:

    i changed my pass its go f*** off jerks

  6. musicb says:

    hi guys have yall played tootsville?

  7. musicb says:

    its pretty fun

  8. musicb says:

    louise :i changed my pass its go f*** off jerks
    VA:F [1.9.3_1094]

    please wait…

    Rating: 0.0/5 (0 votes cast)
    VA:F [1.9.3_1094]

    Rating: 0 (from 0 votes)

    reply louise

  9. Jessica says:

    i played it it’s so boring. yawn ! theres hardly andything 2 do.

  10. noah says:

    hey i playde it stul my money member ship and im not a member

  11. noah says:

    its so wirde

  12. unitetoons1 says:

    yeah its boring

  13. jj239 :-) says:

    i dont now ! :-)

  14. lil b says:

    not fun i cant talk

  15. Xxdarkangelzxx says:

    You accidently set it up so you can’t talk. You can’t manage the account right now there’s an glitch but were gonna fix it.



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