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Social Gaming has become a trend in today’s highly interactive community, especially for social networking sites such as Facebook, Myspace, Kongregate, Friendster, and Bigpoint. This section primarily offers a featured list for most played social games on Facebook. Enjoy our Facebook Social Game List.

Spin & Win – Wheel & Dea

Posted on  Apr 19,2013  03:04 , by BabyFace

Magic888 Casino is the world’s first real money on Facebook. Enjoy blackjack, slots, roulette and other Vegas-style casino games on your favourite social media site. Let There Be Magic with your Favourite Casino Games On Facebook! 888casino – the world’s premier online gaming paradise has now launched the first real money app on Facebook. As [...]

Disney’s Ghosts of Mistwood

Posted on  Jun 12,2012  06:06 , by BabyFace

Firstly Announced at E3 2012, Disney’s Ghosts of Mistwood is a new Facebook-based adventure game where you search and explore the forest, craft items and expand and decorate your Aunt’s estate. This estate has been with the mistwood family for generations. In the beginning of the game, you need to build a few buildings that [...]

War Commander

Posted on  Oct 3,2011  09:10 , by BabyFace

Kixeye, the social game developer, has released social strategy titles like Battle Pirates, Backyard Monsters with great success. With War Commander rolling out, Kixeye is now aimed at the hardcore warfare lovers on Facebook. Inspired by Command & Conquer, War Commander is war-themed strategy game set in the post-apocalyptic world.  The game combines realistic graphics [...]

Master Dealer

Posted on  Aug 15,2011  01:08 , by BabyFace

Master Dealer is a Facebook collectable card online game whose object of the game is similar to that of magic the gathering. You collect cards in order to build a stronger deck, so that you win territories, conquer territories from your friends and enemies. In Master Dealer, you can upgrade territories once you own them, [...]

Capital City

Posted on  Aug 9,2011  11:08 , by BabyFace

Obviously, you are a mobster in the world of Capital City. During your jail time, somebody else has taken control of most of your city. So your job is to regain your power back. Crime games can always make me excited, and Capital City is such a mob-themed game on Facebook, normal genre, so let’s [...]


inFamous Anarchy

Posted on  Jun 15,2011  01:06 , by BabyFace

Everything looks desperate in the post-apocalyptic world. All you behold is ruins and chaos in your beloved city of yore. However, the greedy evil forces won’t let it go. They want to squeeze the last gasp of life and wealth away. It’s now all up to you to decide the fate of your city. You [...]


Trials of Elsword

Posted on  May 28,2011  02:05 , by BabyFace

You don’t want to go through monotonous chores day after day. You are yearning for an eventful adventure in a land full of legend and wonder. Join in Trials of Elsword, become a little warrior and explore the mysterious realm with hordes of enemies ahead! In Facebook MMO Trials of Elsworld, you choose your character [...]



Posted on  May 25,2011  01:05 , by BabyFace

Drive in your own space ship, explore the mysterious alien realms, fight against hordes of aliens, and rise to the top in the fantasy world! Vorp is a multiplayer online battle arena game which you can never refrain from playing one more round. In order to outshine other gamers, you must battle for resources, the [...]

Civilization World

Posted on  May 25,2011  01:05 , by BabyFace

City-building games are so popular nowadays. What makes this game unique and appealing is that you aim to build a civilization instead. You build all kinds of buildings. Different layouts will lead to different results. There are totally five distinct aspects you need to pay attention to, namely, culture, food, science, production, and gold. The [...]

Space in Trouble

Posted on  May 6,2011  06:05 , by BabyFace

The outer space is in deep trouble as endless alien ships are forging ahead, trying to invading your territory. You are needed at this critical juncture! Will you follow the call of mission and embark on your epic space shooting frenzy? Space in Trouble, a classic space shooter game, will take you to the vast [...]

Knight’s Story

Posted on  Apr 25,2011  02:04 , by BabyFace

Knight’s Story is a Facebook game that combines different gameplay elements, each of which should not be much acclaimed. I should say the developer Anute is not enthusiastic of its first project Knight’s Story. Instead, Anute made game just for making game, never considering gamer’s feeling. Knight’s Story tries to be a great concept with [...]

Garden of Time

Posted on  Apr 13,2011  10:04 , by BabyFace

If there’s any casual gaming genre that has been completely missing from Facebook, It’s the hidden object game. Although downloadable hidden object game is a popular trend in casual gaming, its browser-powered counterpart and Facebook seemed to be unable to mix with each other just like water and oil. But that’s not going to last [...]


Coins Dozer

Posted on  Mar 21,2011  02:03 , by BabyFace

  Being the new arcade and puzzle game on Facebook.com, ‘Coins Dozer’ gives you the most vivid experience of winning coins with its fantastic 3D graphics. Like Jackpot or Lucky Coins, the gameplay is basically the same that you just drop some quarters in and try to push other awards as more as possible. Oh, [...]

Twilight Wars

Posted on  Mar 14,2011  07:03 , by BabyFace

Twilight Wars is a multiplayer online combat shooting game which interweaves countless epic battles. Choose your camp, strengthen your convictions, stand by your comrades in battle, and leave blood and glory on the battlefield. Combat is divided into two camps: Royal Knights and Sky Shadow Crusaders. When an enemy is killed, the camp’s Prestige is [...]

The Merry Manor

Posted on  Mar 3,2011  12:03 , by BabyFace

‘The Merry Manor ’ is a simulation game recently released in Feb.24th, 2011, on Facebook.com platform. There are six cutest little pets for you to choose from, you can act one of them. And your next job is to build your own dreamy estate! You want a garden? Ok. You want a house? Ok. Come [...]


Posted on  Feb 25,2011  02:02 , by BabyFace

Planting, Plowing, and Harvesting The main activity in TrafficKing is growing the plants, and lots of them. To plant your seeds, you first need a freshly plowed plot of land, then plant the seed, wait for it to finish growing, and harvest it. Each plant takes a different amount of time to grow, which is [...]

Salon Street

Posted on  Feb 21,2011  09:02 , by BabyFace

The new simulation Facebook game Salon Street can meet the gamers! Released in 15th, Feb, 2011, this browse game will soon become favored by the female gamers. As the owner of a salon on Salon Street, you need to run it well and try to grow it to a bigger one! Time to check your [...]

NBA Legend

Posted on  Feb 16,2011  05:02 , by BabyFace

The National Basketball Association rolloed out a new social game on Facebook game called NBA Legend where players could communicate and interact with real NBA Stars, coaches, and club managers. Forge your own NBA Basketball career and train you as a capabale player to win matches. In the simulation social browser game NBA Legend, players [...]

Roman Taxi

Posted on  Feb 9,2011  04:02 , by BabyFace

Being a taxi driver in ancient Rome must be exciting! Seems impossible, huh? It is true in the world of ‘Roman Taxi’, a Facebook action game. Taking famous passengers, (or, infamous ones) and collect the fees after a day’s hard work. Always, you can invite your friends in the game and compete your earnings with [...]

Boss Vegas

Posted on  Feb 8,2011  06:02 , by BabyFace

Boss Vegas, set in present day Las Vegas, is a business management simulator where you can construct, manage, display and play in a virtual casino of your choosing. Developed by the creators of “My Fishbowl”, “Lounge Bar” and “My Kingdom”, the game tells the story of an heir who has their world turned upside down [...]

General War

Love online games such as AQWorld, and DragonFable? Try this new game eDragon!

Pockie Ninja
pockie pirates

A free to play anime-inspired browser game with no download!


Warflow is a Free browser game set in Chinese history. Deploy and lead your troops to fight!

Thirst of Night

Thirst of Night is the Kabam's most popular browser game. Conquer Space Now!


DDTank is an online Browser MMORPG! The Best web Game druing 2009 - 2011

Wings of Destiny

Skyrama allows you to manage Air traffic controllers, flight attendants. Build your own airport on different lands.

War 2 Glory
War 2 Glory

War 2 Glory is a browser strategy warfare game set in the second world war history!

Goal United
Goal United

Play friendly matches, cup and league matches every week for free in Goal United 2011.

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Eve Online: Incarna If you are fond of science fiction and longing for universe adventure, Eve Online: Incarna may count as your prime choice. You start this fascinating MMORPG by creating your own avatar. The four creatively-crafted humanoid races offer so much fun. Thereupon, a colossal and exquisite universe is waiting for you to explore [...]

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As we know, with the development of the Internet, online games become more and more popular among teenagers. They do appeal a lot of young men to indulge in them. Therefore, how to do with online games has become a complex issue in society. Love them or hate them? This is the question! Nowadays, if [...]

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DotMMO announced today a slew of new MMO blog that primarily covers and logs MMO industry development and growth, extending its business like online advertising, online gaming. “We are not the best MMO Games Blog that provides industry news and scoop, and we are not aiming to become Massively, or Kotaku, but we are just [...]

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Video Games, also known as Electronic Games, are such that players deploy in-put device or game controllers like button, keyboard and joystick, to interact with video display device in an electronic system, namely the platform, which can be provided by PC, arcade coin-operated machines or hand-held device such as mobile phone and Sony PlayStation Portable [...]

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An online game is a game played over some form of computer network. Generally, it refers to a set of games in which many players play some certain roles and change the setting in a virtual world based on certain rules to gain entertainment and interaction through a computer network, now generally the Internet. The [...]

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Welcome to the MMO Games official website – we want to help you find the great online games for diversion or momentary escape for pressure of work or study. With our MMORPG directory, you will find all games that are free to play and suitable for any ages of group. Free Games can be found [...]

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