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Along the zigzagging paths which thread through the unfathomable primitive forests we couldn’t help but being attracted by some dancing beauties who flap their delicately-patterned wings in a most elegant manner, and from time to time, after careful choices, halt for a rest on some blossoming flowers. Their breathtaking charms ooze out naturally when they are lolling around in the air, and a kind of inextricably sweet comfort is, at the same time, wafted through the gentle breeze into our whole body as they pass by.

What kind of winged creatures can give us these strong sensual pleasures? Yes, butterfly it is. The symbol of grace and fairness since we first got the sight of it. They appear in a whole lot of enchanting legends, and now fly their way onto the Internet in their signature lovely manner.

Runaway, a green hand in online social gaming, receives this bunch of belles cordially and invites them over to star in Flutter, their premier MMO production tailor-made for them. Butterflies, as they always do, make an eye-catching debut here, grace the otherwise too-stale storyline of the game and help the developer to start totally with the right foot.

This time, however, butterflies have much more to do than simply showing off prettiness. A word for these bug “ladies”: in this dense rain forest of immense possibilities, beauty will not always work out as you may expect. Dangers are lurking under the verdant plants, and mysteries are tangled together to block the way. Please do watch out while you are fluttering around here, otherwise, you may fall into traps and get your much-prided wings taken off by others for jealousy or even no particular reasons at all.

However, we know you beauties are not gonna be scared off this easily. Under this charming appearance always lies a curious and clever mind. We trust that you will adventure out to the very depth of the forest in order to unravel the mysteries. And you can always expect many swept off their feet by your beauty and coming to your aid during this wondrous journey.


A fantastic forest adventure is gonna kick off here in Flutter. Butterflies, our protagonists, together with other forest dwellers, good or bad, lovely or hideous, will make the journey both sense-pleasing and exciting in every sense of the words.

Butterflies are natural beauticians. They spruce themselves every morning before stepping out and decorate their nests with flowers or plants from time to time to attract friends over.

Living among puzzles and mysteries, butterflies, however, never retreat and can always manage to find the proper way out.

It is time to flutter your wings, join in the adventures here and prove to the world that, for butterflies, “beauty is not skin indeed.”

59 Comments on Flutter


  1. deviyani says:

    i need information about the bright and fiery mixture… spell concoctions have 3 out of 4 ….unable to find the 4th one..plz help…

  2. Dani says:

    Which 3 do you have? I have water, nectar, and orange fireworks.

  3. Nothing says:

    Yellow seed

  4. Nothing says:

    I need help about the ‘Enlarge potion’. I have; water, nectar, and stocky purple fungi. What else??

  5. ape says:

    what are the ingedients needed super fly potion?

  6. ape says:

    i have water, nectar, and enlarge potion, what is the other ingredient needed for the super water potion? please help!

  7. Mysteryusy says:

    To Super Fly:
    Enlarge Potion

    • Lama says:

      R u sure it’s ONLY Mango coz I had a Mango tree and I used a Mango instead of the other so it could be a Fig or a Papaya

  8. angelo says:

    i have nectar, fly, super fly and potions

  9. Cherokee says:

    Alchemy Poition I have water, shrink potion in it but can’t figure out the other 2 ingrediance.

  10. Alfawolf says:

    I can’t get “Nurture”-totem activated… Level 25…
    I have fly, nectar and fruit, what else i need? I don’t get it.

  11. Misti says:

    You need for the Nurture totem:
    - Fly
    - Nectar
    - Fruit
    - and Water!

  12. Jube says:

    I need to find hideouts. Will anybody help?

  13. Kate says:

    I seriously need the rest for the Bug- Inspector potion. I have water, small leaf bunch and ‘Crooked hat’ fungi. What else?

  14. reannon says:

    medium leaf bunch

  15. Annette Milne says:

    Hi, I just took a picture of my grove and want to put it as my profile pic, but cant find it. Please help

  16. Forever says:

    where do you find the flies at?

  17. silentia says:

    hi, i’m level 35, i want to do the ‘Butterfly Aura potion’ but i can’t figure out the last ingredient, please help me!
    I’ve already put ;
    -Butterfly Spirit trail potion
    -Speed potion
    I’ve tried everything in my inventory and more and i still can find it!!!!
    If anyone has an answer,please share it! :*(

  18. christina says:

    trying to do butterfly spirit dust trial potion but can’t figure out the other two ingredients i have papaya and mango does anybody know the other two

  19. demonic says:

    how do you get water?

  20. ewiiicka says:

    i’m mixing up master potions for a quest and i can’t find the fourth engredient for the Lucky Dip Gift potion besides the yellow seed, the orange seed and the red seed. please help me!

  21. Karyn says:

    Daily mission is to Water to GROVE TOTEM, is that the butterfly? Cause it won’t accept water. So, if it isn’t the butterfly, what is the Grove Totem? TY in advance for any help!

  22. Lama says:

    I’m now stuck on Rich Nectar, plz help!

  23. Lama says:

    Why do I keep getting a picture of a green monster?

  24. Purple Monster says:


  25. butterfly says:

    trying to do super water and the social totem, for super water I have water, enlarge and necter but dont know the 4th one and I only have mango for the social totem

  26. Lama says:

    remembered now, I was thinking of a different totem and it was NOT water so forget about it

  27. Lama says:

    I am not officially stuck on super water… HHHHH

  28. Lama says:

    srry I wrote not on the last message I sent

  29. butterfly says:

    Im stuck on nurture totem, got fruit, fungi and nectar but cant figure out the last item

  30. stormy.nites says:

    I am trying to find the fourth totem (nurture)…where is it located so that i can activate it.



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