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Hooves of Fire
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‘Every body on your marks, get set, go!’ Darting out on the tracks are the great sprinters you can ever ask for. They are stout, full of vinegar and of course super speed. The only thing, if there is any, about these top seeds is that somehow they all, oops, wear pretty much the same ‘horse face’! Well, you think totally got me there, smarty pants? It’s however only getting close when you have Melbourne Cup or Kentucky Derby in mind, but Gee, what I am talking about here is something way more AWESOME for both the jockeys and punters. And you know what buddy? When I am done here unveiling the event, you will be all dashing forward for sign-up even faster than you thoroughbred!

Facebook game Hooves of Fire, isn’t that name alone exciting enough to give both you and your stud a shot in arm for the coming racing show? Just think about it when your well-trained courser flings itself out of the gate, gallops down the racetrack, leaves all other swift steeds eating dust, and finally gets crowned with the Triple Tiara. As a breeder, trainer, and punter at the same time, is there anything more of a hearty delight to see your ‘old chaw’ neighing in all pride and honor over peers while saddling tons of rewards back for you?

Though here at Hooves on Fire, you got pretty much everything needed to make your steed a thunder-stealer at the biggest-ever online ‘tracking championship’, including professional care-giving, tough training mechanics, strict mating procedures and, you bet, fair sporting system, it however doesn’t guarantee that all colts around the stable could as well have their day. You are gonna have to scout around for the future star worth the salt through daily breeding, grooming, and more importantly, the training sessions. Think it way too easy a thing to take seriously? Then don’t cry over the split milk when, due to duty negligence, your ‘cash horse’ die a pitiful death at its prime years even before being able to show stuff off before the racing crowds.

A lot of studs end up being life-time friends with the jockeys. Well, those foals here at Hooves on Fire could be much mushier than that. They play cute quite often, and would ask for your fondling on or off training. Dye their furs with a different shining color, make them a pair of cool horseshoes, or even as simply as give them a pat at back would totally make the Hooves ‘on Fire’ again!


Hooves of Fire, Rubber Duck’s new set of horsing racing fun on Facebook, nails all nitty-gritty of the whole racing thing in an interesting and engaging way.

The betting stuff gives the gaming experience a special tinge of unpredictability and risk-taking for all the virtual punters.

Buckle down to get the ‘Hooves’ on ‘Fire’ and make out of them a new ‘triathlon champion’ ASAP!

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