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Red Crucible
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Can you snuff the scent of gun smoke? Yes, a World War is on the edge of outbreak. For hundreds of years the world has been ruled by two large parties: the Red and the Blue and the two are contending for hegemony. Both of them want to eliminate the other, unify the whole world and become a sole and absolute ruler of the world. Fueled by the rapid development of high-tech weapons, the situation now is tense, dangerous and volatile. Clearly, a full-scale war is unavoidable. The byword of war is: Red Crucible. For ordinary people, Red Crucible denotes that the dark and cold winter is coming, but for a whiz at hi-tech weapon like you, it announces the approach of spring.

Released by Rocketeer Games Studio, Red Crucible is a fully rendered 3D online multiplayer, web browser game with real time fighting. Distinguished from other Facebook games, Red Crucible is characterized as a truly advanced “cross channel” web game. The “channel” is a kind of conduits that can bring players to the game. Maybe this expression is a little bit confusing. A different wording might make the meaning clearer: “cross channel” means that players from different web sites can join together and play this real time game at the same time. For example, player from MySpace and the other from Facebook can get together to play in one game. Now, Facebook, direct web and MySpace all support this function. If you are not a web browser type, good news for you! A downloadable PC and Mac client will soon be released. At that time you can also enjoy this game without a web browser.

If you are a weapon lover, this game is definitely your paradise. Possessed the world deadliest modern weapons and vehicles, Red Crucible offers you an excellent opportunity to combine your hobby with the game, and this adds more fun to the game. You can blast, smash, crush and destroy your opponent with weapons you are dreaming about.

As a 3D online web browser game, the elaborate graphic details of Red Crucible mark a new departure for the visual effect of such games. However, this game is not only a feast to eyes but to ears. The sound of this game is also incredible for a web based game.

With the stunning 3D effects, the lifelike arenas and the new feature of “cross channel”, we can safely reach the conclusion that Red Crucible is an excellent and promising new game. If you are a weapon lover and avid game player, you could do worse than pick up the game Red Crucible.

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  1. gustavo detonador007 says:

    blz tenho1111111111111111111111

    • gustavo detonador007 says:

      oi genet eu tenho 50000000000 de creditos isso eu recomendo jogar tchau@#@#$%¨&*())*¨$@!

  2. gustavo detonador007 says:

    gustavo detonador007

  3. gustavo detonador007 says:

    eu tenho 5000000000 de creditos no red crucible que ganhar voce tem que jogar demais isso eu sei 5000000000 não é demais isso sim tchau beleza gente tchau!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!###############$$%55677**



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