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TRZZonline’s Fame & Fortune
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Thumb through PoP magazines for gorgeous stars with a mixed feeling of admiration and jealousy? Gossip with friends about the exploding news happened in the entertaining industry? Get flabbergasted by how those stars can make their way to the top of luxury overnight? Wonna to have a glimpse how the show business works and have a bit of the extravagant life that most stars enjoyed? Maybe it is time to drop all the daydreaming and really get moved to seek your own fame and fortune in this dazzling world.

In TRZZonline’s Fame & Fortune, the door of Hollywood, the beckoning place for all actors and actress all over the world, has been opened for you. However, starting your journey right from this star-studded entertaining kingdom doesn’t guarantee a smooth path towards success. As a newcomer, you have to do every insignificant job before really getting a real step further towards your star dream. Deliver pizzas, serve foods, polish cars, or prepare props for the best. Believe me, you are not wasting time with all these errands-running. Instead, they all contains surprising rewards and will help a lot in your career-building efforts.

Looking for a quick success? Then amass enough fortune and you can buy yourself an instant fame in TRZZonline’s Fame & Fortune. Everything is possible here. You can burst onto stage and make headlines overnight. All the things that once keep you so possessed, such as stellar limousine, sea-side villa, top-brand fashion, private helicopter, now you can have them at the snap of your fingers.

Wake up one day and you may find muscular bodyguards waiting aside. Walk on the street and you will be followed by flashing cameras and crazy fans at heels. Your schedule will be packed with concerts, auditions, press release and other stuff alike. Yes, this is exactly the lifestyle of a huge star. You made it and then have every right to enjoy it to the full.

However, do watch out of a stab in back, for a lot of people, including your friends are getting a green eye for what you have achieved and are always ready to trip you over in a stealthy or even open way. Put yourself under the limelight and don’t ever let others the chances to steal your thunder.


TRZZonline’s Fame & Fortune is a virtual place where you can make your way from a star-stricken nobody to an international idol much more quickly than possible in the reality.

It copies every bolts and nuts of the way the entertaining industry works, and can totally immerse you into this fast spinning virtual world full of big stars.

Every bit of your toil will not go unrewarded here in TRZZonline’s Fame & Fortune. Work hard and your dream will loom larger and much clearer in sight.

Come to TRZZonline’s Fame & Fortune and experience a roller-coaster kind of life in Hollywood! Try the new celebrity styled Social Game, and do Gigs to earn Fame and Fortune.

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