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The World of Magic Tower
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The enchanted world of Yano has since slumbered after disasters split it apart some thousands years ago and is awakened from the nightmare by some Yano elites who survived the havoc and are now dying to restore this ancient land of its former glories. It is where The World of Magic Tower, a superb 3D fantasy MMORPG starts its appeal to gamers, who will assume the role exactly of the ambitious Yano race.

The picturesque landscape of Yano has now lied wasted, with historical relics, such as its devastated Magic Tower, once the cradle of mysterious energy, reminding players of how the magic-bound world used to splash in fame and power.

By taking open-ending adventures of various kinds and accomplishing strategy-based missions during the process, gamers have the ultimate goal of rejuvenating the ancient civilization in sight and do whatever it takes to piece together its territorial map.

As implied above, this fictional land of Yano has been separated into three small kingdoms by the explosion of the Magic Tower. The east part, deprived of resources, is controlled by a nomad race. The west part, nourished by verdant forests and greenland, falls within the rule of human beings and elves. And the north part, canopied by sweeping ice and snow, is the only place where city life bustles and flourishes.

Feel free to choose from these three sections, and then pull off heroic exploits by uniting the other two kingdoms through diplomatic negotiations and even wars when necessary.

The World of Magic Tower values alliance much more than other similar titles. Individual heroism, as much as it is called for to achieve glorified purposes, is not advocated so much as team work in this split world, where forming power league is always favored than having independent powers existing shoulder by shoulder.


The persistent World of Magic Tower, elegantly depicted, is evolving along player’s footsteps. Stories are unveiled as gamers move further in the vast playable areas. Player’s total control over game play made World of Magic Tower so much of an exception to other copycat titles.

Strong equipment backup and avatar customization add a wonderful role play dimension to the game. The combination of the causal fun in designing unique characters and the thrilling experience in wild exploration around the fantasy world is something few MMOs can achieve as seamlessly as World of Magic Tower.

Arenas are open in the game, allowing players to flex their muscles and test their strength in PvP combats or even duels with other fellows. Join in the fight to see if the time is ripe for you to come out of your protected guilds and start to conquer territories around?

In World of Magic Tower, fun is completely of player, for player and by player. Come on in to shape the game play as you see fit and get entertained in ways like no others.

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