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Get picked up on all the time by ill-behaved peers in your neighborhood? Spent everyday of your school life hiding from the harassment of cruel school bullies? Admit it if I do hit the nerve. It’s no sense keeping all the humiliation and fears to yourself. Talk your chest out and believe me, your guts feeling will be shared by a surprising number of kids, in reality, and now even in virtual worlds created online.

At least that’s what Herotainment, LLC, the famous US media magnet, tends to drive at with its fresh new social game Herotopia. Instead of allowing kids a chance to carry out bloody revenges on bullies, the game chooses a more fascinating way to get things around. By making every single player a superhero in the adventure, Herotopia lets kid see how amazing they can be and how they can stand up bravely to defend themselves against those baddies in a justified and respected way.

Think yourself weak and much of a coward? Or having cold feet whenever you want to teach those bullies a lesson? Then trust me, Herotopia will be an ideal place for you to get strong, and even way too strong than you have expected. One day in the game, you will walk out possessing mighty powers than biologically possible. Whoop down the sky with no air sick at all. Pass through solid walls without a tiny bruise left. Or hold up a truck like tampering with a feather. Bestowed upon by all these godsend powers, what else are you still afraid of?

So get moved right now and join in the exciting adventures around the globe to help other kids who are through the same nightmare you used to suffer. Bullies know no borderlines and Herotopia will take you around the continents to get them handled. Besides this heroic mission, along the way you will also make loyal friends, savor exotic sceneries, and learn much about how lives are going on in other places on earth.

A last word to remember when you do justices: bullying back on those bad kids will never pull things off. Rather, it is about how a super hero would do just in the case. Still a bit hazy? Try out in Herotopia and learn the trick bit by bit.

A realistic and educational theme makes Herotopia stand out of the crowd and also allows players to relate themselves more easily to the game, and thus get much motivated than otherwise could be.

Herotopia understands super power fantasy never fails to echo among school-age kids. And by integrating this wild whim with their real -life problem, the game has won the favor of kids from all over the world.
Join in this superman team and together create a “bully-free” utopia around the world!

31 Comments on Herotopia


  1. kaushal says:

    what is the 3rd answer (where is it)

  2. DDD says:

    How do you get to the Eiffel Tower? I need to do the 1st mission. I have to find colorful eggs….Help!

  3. allyssa says:

    well go to the effile tower and on the toy store there it is

  4. Faiza says:

    I need to complete mission 5 Number 4!Help! I don’t know where is the Forbidden land across the sea!

    • lolol says:

      Oh, you should click on world map, go to China and go to “The Forbidden City”. So you have obviously finished the 1st quest. So how do you get to “gargoyle square”? Please help!!!!!

  5. lil says:

    what does it meen? i need help im on mission 4, 3 out of 5 i dont know what to do?
    silver, copper, shiny gold- some coins are new some coins are old

    near prometheuse flies a clue. you cant guess what we plan to do.

  6. Cute Kid says:

    Gargoyle Square is in Paris next to Louvre!!! I also need help with one of my missions. Its says dance club in the sky. I don’t know what that means!! Someone help???

  7. Cute Kid says:

    Hey does anyone know what it means by when it says ‘The copper lady holds the next clue’ in mission 3, 2 out of 5??

  8. Cute Kid says:

    Does anyone know where Prometheus is??? In mission 4, 3 out of 5.

  9. Mollie says:

    Can anyone help me with mission 2, #2? I just can’t figure it out!

  10. Cute Kid says:

    Hey Mollie what does it say on the clues??? Cause I have past that mission.

  11. Cute Kid says:

    Hey Mollie the place is the north pole!!! Unless you have already found it.

  12. georgie says:

    what does it mean: the copper lady holds the next clue?
    and where is the copper lady? plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz’
    help me :mission 3, 2 out of 5

  13. Sam says:

    Im stuck on mission 1,3 out of 5 It says Get ahead at the skating rink

  14. Gab says:

    Im stuck on mission 5 step 4. I looked in the forbidden city where is the key???

  15. emma-cate says:

    where do u go for mission 2 question 2 for herotopia
    and what do u do

  16. jay says:

    The copper lady is the statue of liberty.

  17. Gab says:

    I am on mission 12. Find it by a statue of rock freely? I looked at the rock center and i could not find any treasure chest or pot!!!

  18. Queenie says:

    Hey Gab……since u have done nearly all the levels,what do i do for mission 2 question 2…….Go to a place that’s cold the mission’ll unfold?

  19. spiralgurl says:

    how do u complete mission 3



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