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Migo Land
  • Release Date:  2010
  • Publisher:  Playdo AB
  • Genre:  Virtual World
  • Rating :

Migo Land is a free online virtual world game where kids can play multiplayer mini games, have parties, win trophies, own their own home, eat cake or simply role play and chat to friends.

In this free chat online game, kids are required to download a Adobe ShockWave plugin in order to play with thousands of players and experience ever fun mini games.

Basically, MigoLand is a free to play kid game with fully moderated in game chat  and advertising-free 3rd party content, but for some players who wish to unlock more features will have to pay for MigoLand Membership to have access to all of the contents.

Migoland also provides next-generation entertainment and social networking for teens. When your child becomes a member of Migo Land, they will get a lot more pocket money to spend in the world. Pocket Money is used to buy clothes, upgrade to bigger homes, buy new furniture and lots more.

Providing safe environment that is suitable for your child to play in is extremely important. To maintain this atmosphere, the Migo Land team filter all chat to exclude all profanities, personal details and inappropriate comments.

fantastic graphics uses the popular plugin from adobe shockwave, it gives millions of people all over Internet dazzling high performance graphics. Your computer lacks this.

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